ABBTECH’s Parachute* Story(# 1)….prime to a federal agency as documented in CPARS (Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System) for eight different projects.

Exceptional ratings in the evaluation areas of: Quality, Schedule, Cost Control, Management, Utilization of Small Business, Regulatory Compliance.

“ABBTECH is wonderful to work with and very professional”.

“Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future”.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 2)….prime to a federal agency as documented in CPARS (Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System) for eight different projects.

“Would absolutely recommend ABBTECH!”

“All deliverables have been of an above average quality…”

“Everything is exceptional”.

The program “has received many compliments on the high quality of work ABBTECH has provided”.

“The Government would recommend using this vendor on similar projects in the future”.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 3) Potentiental employee who responded to a job ad but we already submitted candidates by the date and time required…

“While the news is unfortunate, I do want to thank you very much for the open communication and quick response. Far too often applicants hear no response at all regarding a job post, so it really does say a lot about your organization that you took the time to reply.”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 4)….
A major government contractor reached out to ABBTECH asking for help to source, screen, and recruit 12 key personnel for an RFP they were working on, after their internal team exhausted all resources. ABBTECH was asked to find 12 qualified candidates in 24 hours. We found all key personnel for them, within the time period, and every candidate was used in the proposal.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 5) …. a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor
ABBTECH was great to work with and they always sent us high quality candidates. I was a COR on a couple of ABBTECH contracts. I liked them. They were always good recruiting great people. I would definitely recommend them and work with them again.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 6) …. a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor
I would say we’ve been happy with ABBTECH… They’ve been responsive and provided us good people. I found their staff to be extremely communicative and always responsive to our office needs. They really tried to understand our staffing needs as an office and not simply the larger needs of the agency.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 7) …. a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor
ABBTECH’s work… has been excellent. We had only one incident with a temporary hire performing below expectations and ABBTECH was very proactive – immediately stepping into the situation and working with the contractor and my office to correct poor performance. ABBTECH handled the situation very professionally to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 8) ….
Our employee wrote a custom BigFix fixlet that so far has a positive impact to a program problem our customer was having regarding size issues on workstations. Our customer will use the fixlet that our employee created to fix those workstations.

What our customer says… “It is not yet known how many thousands of workstations are impacted in other regions across the program. This is not the first fixlet that our employee has created that has saved the command many man hours of work. Thanks for your continued support and providing an extremely valuable employee…”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 9) ….a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor
“We certainly enjoyed working with ABBTECH over the years. If we ever are in a position to hire contract employees again, we will certainly think of ABBTECH.”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 10)….
We were able to staff a prime government contract, as a sub, with 252 people in two (2) months. Not only did we do this in such a short period of time, the locations were at every U.S. owned and operated seaport.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 11) ….
Just wanted to say hello, I hope all is well. I like to say thank you for making me feel important, a priority in giving me work and mentoring for success. My first year with ABBTECH is coming up soon and it wouldn’t have happened without you. The past year has been the most challenging and fulfilling. You’re a great boss and friend. Take care.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 12)….a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor.

“ABBTECH consistently is very responsive to the needs of our office. Inquiries are answered promptly and personnel provided have been highly qualified for the tasks required. Personnel staffed consistently provides a higher level of service at a competitive cost. ABBTECH works with our office to stay within budget. Given what I know today about ABBTECH’s ability to perform in accordance with the contract, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 13) ….
“In these hard times with cut funding and less money but more work to do with less people, things like this get lost in the shuffle. I didn’t want this to get lost, I wanted to express my appreciation for Terry’s efforts. I feel Terry went above and beyond to provide me with quality customer service.”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 14) ….
You guys are an imperative value to the ongoing staffing efforts of this Program. We are seriously excited and appreciative to have ABBTECH on the team!!!”
Sr. Subcontract Administrator for a national firm who recently won a contract with TSA.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 15)….
We were part of a team supporting a client that submitted a proposal for the DFAS Computer Technician’s Contract. Our team won and we were tasked with providing top talent at reasonable rates for senior level desktop engineers with top level government clearances, which we continue to provide. We have staffed over 120 cleared desktop support engineers since 2004.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 16)….prime to a federal agencie as documented in CPARS (Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System) for eight different delivery orders.
“ABBTECH Professional Resources has always been wonderful to work with. They work with us and not against us.”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 22)….
ABBTECH was tasked by a Fortune 500 company to sole source 41 technicians (plus back-ups for a weekend deployment). This was a high profile project and the corporate executives were going to visit the site over the weekend. All 41 technicians arrived on time, and per the client request, we supplied three (3) backups ASAP. Our client’s resource manager said, “this is UNPRECEDENTED in the history of weekend work! Twenty (2)technicians ON TIME at 7am local time on a SATURDAY!” After our 20 great technicians showed up on time Saturday morning, we also had our 21 technicians show up on time for the 3pm shift start time. The resource manager added, “one of our BIGGEST SINGLE WEEKEND deployments in Texas, EVER!!”

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 25) Employee Matt….
I left ABBTECH last week to work for an entirely different government entity, but I wanted to give all of you a sincere THANK YOU for all your tireless work. I have worked for various companies throughout my life and have experienced this level of perfection with only one other company aside from ABBTECH. Truly, you care about your job and your clients, and it shows. In over a year, I have not had a single hiccup when it came to my payroll and processing; if anything, they were on my end, and you promptly and professionally reminded/assisted me. Well, I wanted to let you know that your effort and attention to detail were most definitely appreciated and allowed me to focus on my job and personal life. Thank you. I wish all of you continued success within ABBTECH and for ABBTECH. Please forward my email to your supervisors, so they know about the impact you had on ABBTECH’s employees.

ABBTECH’s Parachute Story (# 28) …. a government agency where ABBTECH is the prime contractor
So, my candidate (interviewing for a Network Technician III position) interviewed so well with the client today, he was told by our client that if he can refer two more Tech’s to ABBTECH as skilled as he is, they all would be hired on the spot!
ABBTECH’s Parachute Story(# 17)….
Note from end user regarding one of our computer technicians…Many changes including the move of a workstation. “I believe you are aware, I am a visually impaired employee with a number of pieces of adaptive equipment in and about my workstation.” A trouble ticket was open to initiation the move of the equipment. Our employee was quick to work in the favor of the end user. Our employee “took all the professional steps to ensure all of my adaptive equipment was relocated to the new workstation, and place in the new workstation in the exact configuration as in the previous location. He also was meticulously careful to communicate to me the Where/When of the move and to take the time to orientate me to demonstrate each piece of equipment was positioned and functioning to my satisfaction.”

I know I’ve said this to you previously, but, it warrants saying again: if all the Desk Side Support teams were fully stocked with outstanding professionals like this — what a better place each POD would be!

In a nut-shell, Employee Satisfaction: 5’s!

A parachute* story is a verbal, mini-case study that provides proof of the business value we can deliver.