Resume Preparation

You can drastically reduce the time it takes to find a new opportunity with proper preparation. It’s important to determine your career goals and a target market list. This will help you create your personal branding. Your resume is either a ticket to an interview or it will screen you out. If you are not working, your full time job is your job search. If you want results you need to set minimum daily goals. If you are working, you need to dedicate at least 10 hours weekly to job search activities. We have provided additional resources which will help you book interviews and eventually land your next opportunity.

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  1. Assess – Discover what Careers match your Interests
  2. Select – Determine Targets and Personal Brand
  3. Create – Write your Resume and Cover Letter
  4. Improve – Sound Advice Based on your Resume
  5. Set Standards – Goals, Commitments and Results
  6. Resources – Additional Tools and Services